We are now located at Carley’s Bridge, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, Y21 X3R2.

Our Phone Number is the same 053- 9237987.

We are the main sales and service agents for a full range of DeLaval equipment in the Southeast: conventional milking, automatic milking and calf feeding equipment etc.

Alfco hydraulic & rope scrapers, drafting gates & rubber matting.

Condon cattle housing & cattle handling equipment.

We also supply a wide range of farming consumables.

We operate a 24 hour breakdown service 365 days a year- 087 1266027.

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Stockists of DeLaval, Condon AND Alfco Farming Equipment


DeLaval has over 125 years of innovation and experience in the dairy business, supporting dairy farmers in managing their farms their way….

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DeLaval liners

DeLaval original liners are gentle on your cows yet deliver a consistent milk flow with no slip for fast milk-out. They have soft lips which are gentle on your cow’s teats and a smooth inner surface to enhance milk flow.

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Rubber Matting

We have a wide range of Rubber Mats by our partners Alfco.

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Single Adjustable Cantilever Cubicle

Head to Head Cantilever Cubicle

Wall Mounted Cantilever Cubicle

Flexible Cubicle

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Crush Equipment

Semi Auto Crush Gate
Fully Auto Crush Gate
Universal Crush Gate
Super Scoop
Back Gate/Vet Gate
Crush Panels
Post & Rail
Weigh Scales

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Milking Machine Chlorine Free Detergents, Descaler &  Teat Dip.

  • CFD 100 Chlorine Free Detergent
  • RX Clean Powder Chlorine Free Detergent
  • Microtherm Chlorine Free Detergent
  • Opticid Descaler
  • Cidmax Descaler
  • Hamra Red Teat Dip
  • Prima EU Teat Dip
  • Bovidip Teat Dip
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Farm Clothing, Gloves, Paper, & Hand Soap.

Comfortable and practical aprons, gloves, sleeves, overalls, wellingtons, paper rolls & hand soap.

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Calf Feeders


Delaval Calf Feeder CF1000 with Alpro.

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Feed Barriers & Dividing Gates

Barriers & Timber Gate Barriers to suit both standard and odd size bays.

All dividing gates are adjustable in length ranging from 5ft-22ft and come in a variety of different gate ends.

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Nugent Head Yolk Cattle Tech

Nugent Universal Hoof Tech

Nugent Economy Crate

Nugent Dairy Hoof Trimmers

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Slurry Scrappers

Hydraulic Scrapers

Rope Scrapers

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Calf Equipment

Dehorning Boxs Deluxe SL calf hutch Group Calf Hutch Indoor Calf Rearing Pens Calf Separation Panels Calf diagonal barriers and more…

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Drafting Gate.


Pressure Washers

Kranzle Pressure Washers.

Electric Engine Hot & PTO Washers.

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