“DeLaval has over 125 years of innovation and experience in the dairy business, supporting dairy farmers in managing their farms their way”


DeLaval Milking Cluster

DeLaval offer a range of milking clusters to suit different needs. The DeLaval milking cluster MC31 is designed and engineered to deliver optimal performance from milking to milking for small and large dairy operations. It is simple to use and cost-effective to operate. The Harmony Plus™ offers many advantages to help make milking easier. The asymmetric claw design perfectly matches the natural shape of the udder, which results in fewer slips and fall-offs. Due to the patented TF (DeLaval Top Flow) technology claw, the Harmony Plus™

Delaval Rubber Tube

DeLaval original rubber tubes are made of high-quality rubber materialformulated to resist fat, weather and detergents. Their composition minimizes the transfer of tastes to milk and smooth surfaces help ensure efficient cleaning. DeLaval rubber tubing complies with European (BfR) and US (FDA) food regulations.Many of the key material characteristics of DeLaval original rubber milk tubes also lend themselves to vacuum work. Pulse tubes, air tubes and the ‘all-in-one’ triple tube (comprising milk tube and pulse tubes) are also available in this premium rubber material. The rubber tube assortment has a wide range of lengths and dimensions to fit your needs.

Variable speed drive VSD

DeLaval variable speed drive VSD for DeLaval LVP pumps, automatically varies the pump’s speed to maintain an even and accurate vacuum level. With DeLaval VSD you can reduce your energy costs by up to 65% and extend your pump’s useful life. DeLaval VSD also reduces the noise level when you are milking or in the equipment room.

Vacuum regulator MVR

This unit reacts quickly to the slightest vacuum changes thanks to a unique and patented valve design. The result is a stable vacuum level which results in good udder health. The air is filtered improving the life of the vacuum pump DeLaval MVR can be equipped with an optional silencer. Its capacity ranges up to 4000 l/min for a single unit and up to 12000 l/min with 1 or 2 slave option available.


DeLaval has added an automatic milking start feature to its range of automated milking equipment. ComfortStart offers improved operator efficiency and milking consistency, as it simplifies the milking routine.

Milking point controller MPC680

This is the premium parlour user interface with DeLaval ALPRO™ herd management system which gives you full remote control of all other milking points. It is designed to run around the clock and to help you maximize production with a consistent, efficient milking routine. It offers all the functionality of DeLaval MPC580, controlling the milking point for smooth milking and recording milk yield, and much more. It delivers more information and clearer alerts, e.g. feed alarm and ration or cow treatments, and enables many more active inputs on all milking points to parlour operations or into the ALPRO™ software. It combines well with DeLaval MPC580.

Yield indicator FI5

This unit uses infrared technology which ensures no direct contact with the milk. It senses the milk flow and displays the estimated yield, giving a good indication of each cow’s milk yield. It also measures milking duration. DeLaval FI5 has no moving parts which means reliable operation with minimal need for service.

Milk meter MM27BC

The new DeLaval milk meter MM27BC is a highly accurate ICAR approved milk meter which also monitors any blood traces in the milk, conductivity, kick-off and air entry in the liners. It offers fast milk yield monitoring and better control of cow health. Combine MM27BC with ALPRO™ and you will profit from better information for efficient herd management.

DeLaval Cell counter DCC

Feel confident about your herd’s health at any given time. On-time information lets you take action proactively, to efficiently control the performance of your herd. Daily monitoring of the somatic cell count level and trends will give you in-depth knowledge of your herd, a necessary base when planning for the future.

Pulsator EP2090

Designed for individual pulsation for better animal comfort and healthy milking, the DeLaval EP2090 is a low energy consumption individual electronic module. DeLaval EP2090 is designed to fit all milking carrier and parlour types for fixed or mobile units. It can be combined with the Duovac™ system for stimulation and milk flow-related vacuum control. This pulsator can be used with air filtration in dusty environments and is easily exchanged using the bayonet connection together with fast electrical connectors.

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB

Designed to improve cow health, comfort and welfare. The swinging cow brush, which starts to rotate on contact, is a revolution in cow care and cow comfort. The unique brush which rotates at an animal-friendly speed, swings freely in all directions, smoothly up, over and alongside the cow to provide comfort all around.

  • Improves cow health and welfare
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Improves herd performance