Crush Equipment

Semi Auto Crush Gate

  • 1 simple lever operation
  • Economy option
  • Hot dip galvanised

Fully Auto Crush Gate

  • Fully automativ resetting mechanism
  • Spring close reset action
  • Designed with sheeting for strenght and durability

Universal Crush Gate

  • Gate opens safely
  • When releasing animal pulling lever half way will only allow

animal to exit forward ( avoids animal backin up crush)

  • Quick adjustment for different sized animals

Super Scoop

Back Gate / Vet Gate

  • Suitable for either the back of crush or side for vet entrance
  • Standard size is 30inches
  • custom size can be made to order

Crush Panels

Post and Rail

  • Upright posts are positioned every 7ft
  • galvanised pipe is nserted through posts

Weigh scales