DeLaval original liners

DeLaval original liners are gentle on your cows yet deliver a consistent milk flow with no slip for fast milk-out. They have soft lips which are gentle on your cow’s teats and a smooth inner surface to enhance milk flow. Naturally, DeLaval liners meet EU food grade standards.

  • Stimulate complete emptying of udder
  • Maximize performance and profitability
  • Preserve udder health

Wide liners

DeLaval offers a wide liner assortment to fit each cluster type and to meet your specific production demands. Your liner selection depends on several criteria. The first criterion is related to the hardware. The liners should fit your current equipment. When you know your claw, shell and cluster cleaner or jetter type – you will know what liner options to choose. You also need to look at your herd’s average udder and teat size.

The DeLaval range includes liners for short, long, thin and wide teats but as your herd’s udder and teat sizes will vary, the liner selection will have to be a compromise to ideally suit the average cow. To find the best liner option for your herd, contact Enniscorthy Farm Systems directly.

VMS DeLaval Liners

This liners are suitable for DeLaval VMS robots.

VMS Delaval LINERS x 800 Wexford Carlow and Wicklow