Milking Machines, Detergents and Teat Dips



Efficient descaling and cleaning
Performs well in all water hardness conditions
Helps maintain high milk quality

OptiCid is a basic liquid acid detergent. It easily dissolves milk stone, limestone and minerals in milking installations regardless of the water hardness conditions.  It is suitable for automatic dosing systems. DeLaval OptiCid has been developed, tested and manufactured in our DeLaval factories using the highest quality control standards to ensure that you always get a quality solution adapted to your situation.


phosphate-free, chlorinated alkaline detergent : Delaval C-Alka is a phosphate-free, chlorinated alkaline detergent suitable for cleaning the milking equipment and cooling tanks. For daily effective cleaning for soft- or medium-hard water, C-Alka is also economical, using doses of between 50 and 80ml per 10litres of water.

DeLaval Super Detergent.

Suitable for:
This liquid chlorinated alkaline CIP (cleaning in place) detergent is for medium hard water conditions.

Core benefits
Efficient descaling and cleaning
Performs well in medium-hard water conditions
Helps maintain high milk quality
Phosphate free
Can be used in alternate or alkaline-dominant cleaning routines
Suitable for automatic dosing systems
DeLaval Super is a phosphate-free chlorinated liquid alkaline detergent formulated for soft to medium-hard water conditions. In an alternate cleaning routine, Super can be used in water with a degree of hardness of up to 30 dH.


Bovidip is a concentrated iodine based teat dip or spray. It is very efficent at preventing mastitis and due to high levels of emolients ensures a good skin condition. Bovidip is extremly well priced when compared to competitors iodine based dips.

Hamra Red

Hamra Red™ is an efficient chlorhexidine based teat dip used as a post-dip in the daily milking routine. A high level of emollients (glycerine, lanoline) has been added for extra skin caring and to improve the skin conditioning. This product is convenient and user-friendly due to its neutral smelling, non-staining formula.