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The patented EasyFix Slat Rubber Flooring System is the leading slat rubber product in the marketplace, selling in many countries worldwide.

EasyFix Slat Ruber Flooring has been proven to increase comfort, reduce lameness and increase productivity in dairy cows. The high-grip comfortable surface increases cow mobility, reduces the risk of lameness and increases the standing time at the feedfence.


  • Easy-fit wedge system is an easy DIY install
  • High grip surface reduces the risk of slipping
  • Ribbed undersurface increases comfort
  • Sloped profile for quick urine run-off and reduced emmissions
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • DLG Signum and Fokus test approved


  • Improves livestock comfort and productivity
  • Reduces lameness
  • Fast return on investment
  • All slat sizes catered for – suitable for new and old slats
  • Works well with automatic scraper
  • Improves heat detection due to enhanced foothold and comfort